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4 Important Things to Know Before You Buy Your Natural Stone

4 Important Things to Know Before You Buy Your Natural Stone

Picking the right stone floors can be complicated if you have no idea about the natural stone products. You might have these questions at the beginning of your project such as What size? What color? What finish? What type?

These questions will be answered in this article one by one.


Dolomite Marble Tile


Fact #1: COLOR

Natural stone products offer a variety of color options for your project. You can go for a timeless pure white like Thassos White marble or you can use dramatic Nero Marquina marble. Nowadays most designers and homeowners are going for neutral colors such as white, gray, cream.

This Statuario Marble floor tile is a great example of a perfect example of a neutral color palette used in the modern home dining area. Italian Statuario Marble is not the most cost-effective stone but it is for sure one of the most beautiful natural stones out there. 

Italian Statuario Marble Tile


Fact #2: SIZE

Tile size greatly depends on the space in which you are going to install your marble, limestone, or travertine tiles. If you have a larger space over 500 square feet, you should go with the larger sizes such as 12"x24", 18"x18", or even maybe bigger 24"x24" material.

Smaller spaces like bathrooms, kitchens we recommend you to use a smaller size not larger than 12"x24".

For accent walls, fireplaces and niches, we recommend smaller sized mosaics and ledger panels. Another great place to use mosaic tile is shower floors and niches.


Fact #3: FINISH

There are several finishes when it comes to natural stone. You typically have a choice of polished, honed, brushed, leather finish. If you are planning to use the natural stone at your backyard or by the pool, you should use more textured finishes like brushed, leathered, or unfilled. Here is a good example of a tumbled ivory travertine paver Versailles pattern installed on an exterior area.

Ivory Cream Paver Versailles Pattern Paver Tumbled

When it comes to the interior you can use any finish you'd like. However, keep in mind that most of the experts recommend honed finish for interior flooring due to slightly higher slippery conditions.


Fact #4: TYPE

Many natural stone types could be either used for outdoor or indoor projects.

Types of common natural stones:

Travertine: Mostly used for outdoor projects but it could be used on interior applications. The usage depends on the finish of the product

Marble: Mostly used for indoor projects but it could be used on outdoor applications.

Limestone: It can be used both for indoor and outdoor projects.

Check out our natural stone tile collection to find your perfect natural stone product.

We hope this information helps you to choose your dream natural stone floor. Thank you for reading.


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